Target Email Marketing Services


What is Target Email Marketing Services?

Email Marketing is a direct digital form of marketing used to promote your business and brand. It’s used by businesses to build relationships with potential customers, offer sales incentives, generate website traffic, inform and update current customers on announcements and new products or services, and much more. Targeted email marketing services can be a smart and efficient way to cast a large net to a targeted group of consumers that are interested in a business’ services and product offerings.

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What are the Benefits of Max Velocity Marketing's
Targeted Email Marketing Services?

Our targeted Email Marketing services are designed to help you reach both current and potential customers to build trust and awareness, for your business, with a goal of making them repeat customers and raving fans who will tell others about you. We’ll work with you to create and execute any new sales or promotions that you are having keeping your ideal customers informed.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Keep your current customers informed of any new sales, promotions, products or services that you are offering so that they can react quickly with personalized message designed to grab their attention. 

Generate Sales Leads

Increase sales leads with special offers only available within your email marketing campaign. 

Increase Website Traffic

Gain more website traffic by including links to your website within your email marketing campaigns to encourage customers to learn more. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Create strong brand awareness that makes your business instantly recognizable by potential customers. Having a well designed email campaign, both visually and in content, can act as an extension of your website efforts, adding to your ability to increase and grow your brand identity online.

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We specialize in working with small business owners to help maximize their growth potential through driving more visitors to their website, increasing lead generation, and brand awareness. 

How can Max Velocity Marketing Help My Business with
Email Marketing?

We’ll save you time and energy by managing the email marketing for your business. We can implement email campaigns center around promotions, news and announcements for your business. By allow us to manage your email marketing to current and potential customers this means driving more traffic to your website, products and services for greater lead and sales conversions. You’ll also receive monthly reporting on Sent, Clicks, Open Rates, Reply Rates, and much more giving you a full view of how well our services works for your business.